A Thankful Heart

Jane Hung
translated by Grace Kuo

A special edition of church magazine! I am thankful to God that our sister in Christ, Grace Kuo, is willing to take on this meaningful work for the church. In the beginning of this year when Grace asked me to write an article, I agreed right away and told her I would use "a thankful heart" as the title for my article. Almost everyday I thought about things I could be thankful for. But strangely and sadly, after three or four months had passed by, I still could not write the article. Perhaps it is because there are simply too many things to be thankful for; whether it is about personal matters, or about family, church, society, nation, or the world, there are so much to be thankful for. What an amazing grace! God, through the Bible, reveals His Word to help me understand, see through, and be thankful for the happenings of many things in life. I know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him. Of course there are still things that I do not understand; these will continue to be subjects for me to seek answers for in life. But I know someday when I meet with the Lord, when I shall be face to face with my heavenly Father, He will allow me to know the beauty of all things.

Now what should I write about? I know of two popular songs in Taiwan called"a thankful heart" and "only hard work will win". Speaking about"a thankful heart", I begin to think back to many, many years ago, about how my grand-parents went to Taiwan, and how my parents raised me and my brothers and sisters. Thinking about this helps me to have a thankful heart. I am especially thankful to God, the creator of heaven and earth, who has granted me His salvation through Jesus Christ so that I can become His child. He also has given me a family in the Lord for the growth of my spiritual life. In "Taiwan Lutheran Church", under the leadership of Pastor Ying-Chhi Kuo, my spiritual life has grown tremendously. I understand more of God's Love and the truth in the Bible. My soul has been comforted and content through learning hymns from Mrs. Kuo. I have a thankful heart and I'd like to share my favorite short song Freely, Freely" based on Matthew 10:8 with you:

God forgave my sin in Jesus' name,
I've been born again in Jesus' name;
And in Jesus' name I come to you
To share His love as He told me to:
He said, "Freely, freely you have received Freely,
freely give;
Go in My name and, because you believe,
Others will know that I live. "