Baptismal Testimony

Kimmy Chang
translated by Grace Kuo

Peace Greetings!

I am very happy to be baptized here today and I would like to share my joys with you this morning. I remember when I was a child, I was very curious about communion services. When I saw my morn taking the communion, I wanted to try it, too. But my morn always told me to wait until I have accepted the Lord Jesus to be my personal savior. So I kept waiting until now. It's finally my turn!

Now I really understand the divine meaning of baptism and communion, the love and loving-kindness of Jesus Christ to me, and God's grace towards me. These are all special gifts of love every Christian can receive freely. Today, I am baptized with my cousins. I pray that God can forgive all of our sins. I have decided to be faithful to God. I want to be God's child and serve Him according to His will. I want to thank Pastor Kuo for giving us baptismal classes prior to the baptism, so that we can know more clearly about what it means to be Christians and to know God's teaching. I also want to thank my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and my mom for their support. I hope all of you can share the happiness of this birthday with me, thank you.