Missionary Joumey

Grace Kuo

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." (Hebrews 12: 1)

Missionary journey means disciplined training, spiritual exercise, and devotional endurance. It is full of difficulties, challenges, excitement, and heartfelt experiences. It has a focused goal to bring people to God. It is the most rewarding journey anyone can take on this planet earth because it is the mission of Jesus. Through the process, we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit because He enables us to trust and obey God.

I am thankful that I can take this journey, to be involved in missions. I am especially grateful that I have spent over four years in Asia. During the first two years, I had the privilege to study at CES (China Evangelical Seminary) in Taiwan for graduate studies in Religion and Biblical Studies. My internship was with CCMM (Chinese Christian Medical Mission) by setting up training workshops for hospital evangelism in Christian hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers. During the latter two years, I was with OMF International and returned back to Taiwan for more evangelistic and discipleship training opportunities. With other missionaries, I went to factories and department stores to share the gospel with workers; we went to tribal houses for visitation, to schools, universities, and an orphanage for student outreach; we worked at a center that shares the gospel with street people, drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, and prostitutes. I was invited to speak during fellowship meetings, church services, and conferences more than a hundred times. I translated a book for ECPAT (End Child Prostitution Association Taiwan) and worked with a short-term team from the States. I worked with two churches in different cities on adult Sunday school teaching, fellowships, and music programs. The majority of my time was devoted to student ministry. I worked with CEF (Campus Evangelical Fellowship) as a student counselor in four universities; I also helped to initiate a program called Mission Hut for mission mobilization among students. I especially give thanks to God for the six students I know personally who were baptized and the 166 college and high school groups that took part in Mission Hut to participate in missions. In Taiwan, I met people with zealous devotion to God, who are taking the missionary journey together.

My missionary journey did not start only when I went to Asia, neither will it end after I return to the States. All the opportunities I have are from God and all glories of achievement go to Him alone; whether it be in the States or abroad, whether it be full-time ministry or in professional service, I want to be fully His. Many brothers and sisters were in the missionary journey with me by prayers and financial support. Now there are also many opportunities for evangelism and discipleship here and to the ends of the earth. Let us go with God and join Him in this missionary journey!

May we follow the Lord faithfully
and serve Him whole-heartily
all the days of our lives.