Church Council and Members

Committee Members Contact
Council Leader/Education and Fellowship Tiffany Lo
  • Oversee church's need and support Pastor in planning church activities
  • Hold meetings and communicate with other churches and organizations
  • Children and Adult Sunday School planning and execution
  • Sunday school teacher training and recruiting
  • Advisory assistance to fellowships
  • Fellowship guidance training and recruiting
  • Worship ministry personnel training
Worship and Music Wen-Chi Tsai  
  • Responsible for arrangement of the space for worshipping, including audio effect, decoration, flower arrangement, and air conditioning, etc.
  • Assist arrangement of the preacher when absence occurs
  • Prepare the arrangement for Holy Communion and baptism as well as the arrangement for other sacraments during Christian festivities
  • Worship ministry personnel and arrangements
  • Newcomers and visitors registration and notifying to Pastor and/or moderator.
  • Hymn offering arrangement during Sunday worship service
  • Promote praise and worship
Evangelism and Spiritual Renewal Chair: Pastor Joe Chang
Members: Tiffany Lo
  • Visit to members; how concerns to ill members
  • Assist the Pastor to conduct Bible study and prayer meeting, spiritual renewal conferences, word processing of evangelism ministry, and admiration for Christianity class, etc.
  • Provide gospel fact sheet, Bible and publications
  • Arrange family worship, and establish prayer network
  • Assist arrangement for retreat activities across the churchv
  • Operation and management of the church's website
  • Ministry planning: distribution of gospel fact sheet
Clerk and General Services Richard Hsu  
  • Registration of believers roster
  • Acceptance of membership application and preliminary approve, membership transfer
  • Recordation and reporting of ministry committee meeting minutes
  • Recordation of member attendance in meetings
  • Recordation of church weekly bulletin and binding
  • Stationery items, equipment purchase and maintenance
  • Church facilities operation and maintenance
Communication and Good Will Wen-Chi Tsai  
  • Responsible for church lunch and related matters
  • Conduct networking events including picnic, dinners, and birthday parties, etc
  • Assist church in making community services
  • Extend care to members in wedding, funeral services and other celebrative activities
  • Reception of lecturers and out-of-town guests
Treasury Sue Lee  
  • Recordation of various items of income and expense
  • Edit and publication of Treasury monthly report, as well as annual final report
  • Edit and publication of annual budget
  • Bookkeeping of church's regular cash account
  • Bookkeeping of church foundation's cash account
  • Certify tax deduction status for members who make donations