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St. Luke Lutheran Church, 1990-1992
St. Luke Lutheran Church, 1990-1992

and we were meeting there only for one and a half years. However, for the sake of the continual development of our church, they all wished us the best as we moved on to our new meeting location.

St. Luke Lutheran Church is a big church. There were about five hundred people meeting on Sunday at that time. Their members were all very willing to help our church. The sense of acceptance really created a warm relationship between us, as the new comers, and the members of St. Luke Lutheran Church. They also invited us to attend their Sunday school including which had excellent programs to help our overall church's spiritual growth. In addition, many members there volunteered to teach our church members' English conversation and many of us benefited from that service. In the yards of St. Luke Lutheran Church, there were many plants such as Japanese pears, cherries, apples, and blueberries. We often shared those delicious fruits with their congregation members. That was indeed a sweet fellowship.

St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 1992-present
St. Andrew Lutheran Church,

After another year and three months, our church moved again. This time we moved to St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Beaverton, Oregon. We started our first service there with a combined service with St. Andrews Lutheran Church on February 2, 1992. The time we moved again was mainly due to the increasing number of members in our church that began to fill-up the space at Shalom Center. For the sake of the development of our church, we had an urgent need to find a bigger place for worshiping the Lord, Jesus Christ. After identifying this need, the two pastors at St. Luke Lutheran Church and their committee members began to think about expanding the room or installing noise insulation in one of their rooms downstairs so that we might be able to use. Nevertheless, this would require some time to fix. Since our church already began to grow, we could not wait much longer and thus decided to move again, to where we are now meeting.

Pastor Kuo installed by Bishop Swanson on 06/14/92
Pastor Kuo installed by Bishop
Swanson on 06/14/92

On January 26, 1992, all our church members helped to move church utensils to St. Andrew Church. Two young people from our church helped Mrs. Kuo and me move the church sign. Until now, members of our church have contributed greatly to the church; their love for the Lord has also grown. We all see our church as a big family. Many thanks to God!

It has been seven years since we moved to St. Andrew Lutheran Church. With the leadership of our church Committee, we held a special service to celebrate our formal establishment and organization on June 14, 1992. On that day, Oregon Synod Bishop came to conduct the service. Soon thereafter, we also legally registered with both the Federal and the State Governments to become a church abiding by law. Starting from 1995, lay people at church began to serve as the council chairperson. This is also another important step our church is taking. Slowly but surely, our church has been growing over these years. Please continue to pray God to bless His church and for us to be His useful instruments and for His own glory! (previous page)